Presentation, Tokyo, Japan

– Symposium: The New Role and Significance of Art Festivals in the 2010s

– GOGBOT presentation

– Video presentation: Highlights of Screenings

– performance in Club Super-Deluxe

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I participated in a project at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York, where we did an invasion of the museum, placing objects in the virtual world, only visible when using a smartphone using the app LAYAR. This application shows the real world plus a virtual layer. Other participants were Banksy, Patrick Lichty, Bruce Sterling performed the opening speech, using an virtual Bruce and a live-feed from twitter.


More information: www.sndrv.nl/moma/



PLANETART @ Kunstvlaai 2010-47-SAT.jpgCo-curator and developer of PLANETART Kunstvlaai presentation at Westergasfabriek Amsterdam. With Neurosky brainscanners (where visitors could control a videogame, using their brainwaves: by relaxing or concentrating) and #1 award-winning presentation of ViaviaOral&Neverporn girls. Most Dutch artist-initiatives and master-art academies participate at the Kunstvlaai (artPIE)-event.
What happens when Singularity takes over, will we all be controlled like pets?

more info: www.planetart.nl/kunstvlaai10.htm

For the CityOneMinutes project of the Sandberg Institute, together with Frank Morssinkhof and Kees de Groot, I created a city portrait of Bangkok, about the Las Vegas-style neons in the prostitute go-go bars nightlife.

The censored version of the film can be seen here (made for HollandDoc and WorldExpo Shanghai 2011, click on CITIES-BANGKOK). Or see the uncensored version here (as long as it’s not removed, maybe disable your age filter):

One Minute of every hour of the day. Total: 24 minutes.


To prevent girls keeping a safe distance and to be able to film in the clubs, I dressed up as a man, which can be seen here.


This CityOneMinutes video / video co-curated best of PLANETART OneMinutes was shown at: Academisch Medisch Centrum /Amsterdam Museum / Centraal Museum, Utrecht / Cultuurwerf/Buro Beeldende Kunst, Vlissingen / De Fundatie, Zwolle / Groninger Museum / Het Bonnefantenmuseum / het Haarlem College / ING / Kunsthal KAdE, Amersfoort / Marres – centre for contemporary culture, Maastricht / MOTI, Breda / Museum de Pont, Tilburg / Museum het Valkhof / Museum Jan Cunen, Oss / Museum van Bommel van Dam, Venlo / Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Arnhem / P.ART / Schunck*, Heerlen / Stadsschouwburg Utrecht / Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam / Stedelijk Museum Schiedam / Stedelijk Museum ‘s Hertogenbosch / TwentseWelle, Enschede / VPRO NPO DOC.
International Film Festival Moscow /

International Chinese European Art Centre, Xiamen / deBuren, Brussel /
East China Normal University, Shanghai / Townhouse gallery, Cairo / Fundación la Caixa, Barcelona / Xiamen University, dep. Of Art Design.

(video available on request)

Genoeg van je standaard TomTom-stem? Vanaf nu wijst je enthousiaste dochter je de weg op je TomTom-navigatiesysteem. Voor de liefste papa van de hele wereld! Wie kan daar nou genoeg van krijgen? 😉
Daarnaast is je enthousiaste dochter wel zo beschaafd dat famillie en vrienden er niet direct van schrikken, en je toch een aangename rit hebt. Proefluisteren en gratis downloaden kan hier:

“au papa, joehoe afslaan”

Download hier

Preview .mp3 hier (low quality)

It’s about the fact that every action has a cause. People don’t fly airplanes into a building without a reason..a reason of pain, in your close area, like your wife or daughter. And the question of ” why” is something I miss often in (American) mass media.

Purpose of this video is to think about causes, in terroristic acts, but also in criminality in general. What causes criminal behaviour? Can that be avoided? Take away pain, fear and hopelessness.

Terrorists don’t fly airplanes into buildings without reasons. Reasons often caused by pain, suffering/death of wifes/children. Western arms trying to stop the bleeding of this daughter.. without any use..

Shown at Kunstvlaai / International Art Pie, Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam, May 2008
WALLOFOFFENCE.COM  at Volkskrantgebouw and Club Trouw, Wibautstraat, Amsterdam, May 2010.


Performance at Transmediale, international festival for digital culture. Location: C-base, hackers+space station under Berlin. Connecting virtual and physical worlds with live streaming DJ from Amsterdam, 3 large screens in physical world, several webcams in both worlds, videoviewers, in-world and off-world performers, mixed of live and pre-recorded SL performances and loud music!!

With Jce Emoto, NewBerlin, Second Front, Ze Moo, Meta Lord, Pyewacket Kazyanenko and first in world performance of bionic artist Stelarc. Live première.


Part of this was the performance of Stelarc, bionic performance artist, who did his first performance in the Virtual World.