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After visiting Yosemite park, Grand Canyon, I randomly walked through forests.. discovering this abandoned Crystal Meth Lab. Even holding a teddy bear, a child must have lived here.
Arriving for my next trip to the US, I got banned, ESTA withdrawn, no reason given…


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In 2011, GOGBOT’s theme was The Googlization of Everything. I guided a group of students at Creative Technology of University of Twente to Designing your Baby using Google Birth: pay more and get more IQ or EQ. The baby moved when people pull the sliders.

The topic of Designer Baby was not so well-known at that time.

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DIY and grow your own food at home.. made from.. YOU! In Vitro Meat (lab grown meat) is easy to do at home. Grow your own cells, food where you can have no allergies for, self sustainable.
DIY biohacking video is coming up!



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A very old one, but one I still very love:

Car-burnings in the banlieues in Paris, followed by car-burnings in Amsterdam West. The mosques were over-full, sometimes 300 people on the street. The Amsterdam Squat movement helped the Muslims and squatted for them an empty bank-building, which was built over the A10 ring-highway, connecting the “rich” Amsterdam centre with the “banlieues” in West.
“Hacking the Area”, even projecting on the highway street-signs outside.

BRIDGE: an art project about friendship in a squatted mosque in Amsterdam

By several famous artists, multimedia, artists in the area, children, art academy students (Rietveld).

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Curator and Co-organiser: Exhibition Manifestations: “Will the Future Design Us?”  End October 2016, 2017, 2018  @Dutch Design Week Eindhoven   Winner of Title: Best of Dutch Design Week 2016 (the week had 290.000 visitors).
Art, Tech & Fun!
Goal = to make art and tech accessible for a very wide audience and to give insight and teach people to handle in an conscious way the technological developments and the role of these in the future.

Crypto Nails, Whistleblower-guide, Biohacking, Virtual Intimacy, Internet of Women Things, Mental Clinic for Robots, Exoskeletons, Wearables and E-Fashion.

VR Curator: Exhibition RuhrTriennale 10&11 September VR weekend.



Just come!

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Co curator and director of GOGBOT festival, which got rewarded as the Most Innovative Festival of the Netherlands.

Wanna Shock Your Senses? GO GOGBOT!

This annual festival since 2004 deals with ART+MUSIC +TECHNOLOGY today and transforms the inner city of Enschede into a cyber-punk-fairground. 4 long days and nights of groundbreaking installations, performances, exhibitions, screenings, lectures, parties, and more, dealing with society today… recent topics: The Singularity is near…Resistance is futile (2010), Googlization of Everything – Datapanic (2011), Internet Memes-The Selfish Gene (2012), Sex and Technology (2013). GOGBOT was winner of the innovation award in 2011 and presents work at Japan Media Arts festival, Conflux New York, Techfest Mumbai, International Filmfestival Moscow, Transmediale@C-base Berlin and OHM 2013.


U.S. scifi author and WIRED editor Bruce Sterling:’… Folks, the Dutch counterculture cannot get any more messed-up than GOGBOT…….Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think Holland can get any cooler and more out-there than a ’synthetic aesthetics salon.” It can get grungier, like if you’re hanging out at GOGBOT, but it can’t get any cooler…’

“For a healthy dose of sensory overload you can’t go wrong with GOGBOT, the annual explosion of audio-visual multimedia terror. From digital art to electronic music at its craziest, the festival incites an electro-exodus to the far east of the Netherlands, with international guests from Berlin, Belarus, Budapest and more. Go GOGBOT!” –Subbacultcha!

“Cyberpunk-circus” – Florian Cramer


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Virtual Reality project in 2001. A production of SARA Computing and Networking (SARA) and the Sunchild Foundation, 2001. Halima* travels through cyberspace. Cyberspace is a dream environment simulated with the help of high-tech scientific computers. This environment is the setting for a musical piece where dancer Sandra Leonora, in a suit attached with sensors to direct the virtual world with her movements, performs a choreography.


The audience experiences this mix of reality and virtual-reality, in 3D-effect through special glasses. *Halima is African for patience, peace and dream. The virtual dancer in duet with the “flesh and blood” dancer lead the audience through five different virtual worlds. The powerful Silicon Graphics computers of SARA generate the virtual environment in a fairy-tale like atmosphere. This results in an interaction between virtual and reality; a conversation between humans, graphics and music.



360 VR movie for 48 hour filmproject -2017 (48 hours without sleep):
360 degrees stereoscopic Science Fiction VR Cultmovie made for the 48hour project, by a group of women who were active since the 90s in VR: a filmmaker, a VJ, an artist and a hacker.

Part of the VR Virtual Intimacy DeepDream video series:

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